Solar powered whirly bird roof ventilator

Sometimes there are small things you can do that can have a significant impact.

We can focus so much attention on the big things like getting powerful airconditioning installed but we fail to focus on the little things that can make such a big difference.

In a lot of homes the heat in the roof cavity is the biggest impediment to cooling your home. Depending on where you live it can get up to 70%. No wonder aircondioners need to work so hard. But what if your roof cavity can be kept cool easily? Well it can, you can affordibly can get wekk over

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The solar panel on the top powers a DC motor that drives the fan to extract hot air from roof cavities.  As you can image, hot roof spaces will significantly impact on the work/living space below and therefore causes the air conditioners to work harder to cool the areas.


The fan driven by a DC motor will extract significantly more air from the roof space that a simple whirly bird.  There is a thermostat that can be adjusted at point of installation to set the trigger point for the unit to commence extracting air.  We typically set it at 25degC.  The systems can be easily installed and are very cost effective.


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