Q. How does the system work?

A. ICE Solair is a normal split system air conditioner that has been modified so that a flat plate collector captures thermal energy from the ambient temperature to optimise the efficiency of the outdoor unit (condenser).

Q. Does the collector generate power, or how much power does the panel generate?

A. The collector does not generate power, it absorbs and stores ambient temperature, which is then used to extend the duration that the compressor shuts off once once the desired room temperature is reached.

Q. How does the collector assist in improving the efficiency of the air conditioner?

A. The heat captured &/or stored in the collector is used to heat and expand the refrigerant. This reduces the amount of work that the compressor (within the condenser) has to do. Substantial energy savings are achieved when the room achieves the desired temperature and the condenser turns off. The condenser will remain off considerably longer due to the collector continuing to pressurise the refrigerant.

Q. Does the collector have to go on the roof?

A. No. It is mounted on the wall beside the outdoor unit within approximately 0.5m.

Q. Does the collector have to be in direct sunlight?

A. No, it is designed to function in ambient temperature. The temperature range is between -5 and 50 ̊ C. Please note that the more heat the collector is exposed to, the greater the efficiency.

Q. Why is it called Solar if it is not in direct sunlight?

A. The ambient temperature absorbed by the panel is from sunlight.

Q. Can I on sell them?

A. Yes, if you are certified by ICE Solair as a wholesaler or distribution.

Q. Can I install one in my own home or office?

A. Yes. Remember to have all of your installations done by a Certified ICE Solair installer.

Q. Do you sell multi-head systems?

A. Yes.

Q. Can the head units be operated individually?

A. Yes, each head unit has its own remote and as such can be operated independent of each other.

Q. What is the warranty?

A. Solair extends a 1 year Parts and Labour Warranty and applies to all our products purchased and installed in Australia or New Zealand. Installations must be completed by an approved Solair installer. Extended warranty for up to 5 years can be purchased.

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